Jumaat, 26 Februari 2010


SERABAI (for 4)
Ingredients :
500 g rice flour
300 g cooked rice (to be blended with a bit of water)
1 litre coconut milk (lukewarm)
1 1/2 teaspoons instant dried yeast
salt to taste

Method :
1. Mix well, all the ingredients.
2. Set aside to ferment for at least 2 hours. The thickness is similar to Kuih Cara's bater)
3. Heat the serabai mould, I used a small non stick pan since I don't have the special mould and grease with a bit of oil.
4. Pour the bater 3/4 full into the serabai mould. Cook on small fire.

Ingredients :
1 cup brown sugar (I used gula timbang)
2 cups coconut milk 2 bananas - cubed
Salt to taste
2 screwpine leaves - knotted

Method :
1. Mix all the ingredients in a pot.
2. Cook till the syrup thickens. 3
. Ready to serve.

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